A great healthcare experience
starts with search

Fuel your digital front door with search

A feature-rich search experience that captures, interprets, and surfaces the right care options. Users can search for locations, providers, or enter broad queries, and you’ll return the right results.

A seamless provider search experience

Healthcare faces a digital-experience deficit, as search is rigid, and hardly delivers against patient’ expectations. Learn how a modern approach to search can dramatically improve the digital front door.

Eliminate zero-result searches

Be it a condition, a location, or a provider, our search interface deciphers intent and shows actionable results from anywhere.

A unified gateway to acquire customers

Our search interface makes it easy for customers to find locations, providers or telehealth options, from one location.

  • Powerful synonyms and taxonomy

  • Real-time inventory

  • Automatic care routing

  • Align intent with results

  • One location for lines of care

  • Add to any page

A better way to search for providers

Power your inventory and deliver an experience that matches customer expectations. By using our suite of data enrichment and search functionality, you can expose a new level of care that narrows the gap between intent and action.

Deliver the nearest location

Route customers looking for same-day care to nearby locations with capacity. With a simple search, customers can book an appointment without navigating to another page.

Rich results with the power to convert

Empower consumers to search and self-select care based on a single keyword or phrase. Combine location timeslots and provider inventory to unify care options and surface the best results.

Query conditions to match locations and surface providers

Search just became the gateway to usher care between locations or providers. Surface actionable results that let customer drill down to the desired action.

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